Periodontal simply means “the tissue around the teeth.” Periodontists treat and perform surgery of this area, which is often characterized by gum disease. Plaque is the most common element causing gum disease.

Unfortunately, periodontal-related problems are often discovered after they have persisted for an extended period of time. Proper oral hygiene, daily dental care and regular dental check-ups will minimize the risk of gum disease. Gum disease ranges from mild conditions such as gingivitis to more severe conditions such as periodontitis. Treatments are available for every case of gum disease.

Common problems associated with gum disease:

  • “Long” teeth (receding gum lines expose the root portions of your teeth)
  • Discolored or deteriorating tooth structure
  • Infected gum line (discoloration or inflammation of the gum tissue)
  • Tooth loss or tooth mobility

The effects of gum disease can be damaging not only to your dental health, but also to your overall wellbeing. Research has associated poor oral and periodontal health with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory problems. Through proper preventive care and oral hygiene, however, the impact of periodontal disease on these conditions can be greatly decreased.

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